Space Invaders Virtual Collection

Space Invaders Virtual Collection is a compilation of two Space Invaders games for the Virtual Boy.

Space Invaders Virtual Collection (released only in Japan) includes the original Space Invaders and Space Invaders Part II.  The game features 2D modes of each game, as well as a 3D mode where the playing field is tilted 45 degrees.  The game also includes a Challenge Mode that features Score Attack and Time Attack modes that can only be played in 3D.    Time Attack has the player complete a stage from Space Invaders in the quickest time possible, while Score Attack challenges players to get the highest score in a single stage from Space Invaders Part II.  
The original Space Invaders retains the sound effects of the original 1978 release, and adds nothing new except for the slight perspective change and 3D view.  Space Invaders Part II also remains very similar to the original 1980 release except for an added background during Stage 1. 
Space Invaders Virtual Collection remains as one of the rarest commercially released games, and is by far the rarest  Virtual Boy game.  Although it 's highly sought after by collectors, the Virtual Boy's 3D capabilities don't add much value to the gameplay and Taito neglected to include features to make the Virtual Boy release stand out from the many other Space Invader ports.