Is that Conan? No it's Rastan - the video game version of Conan. Join him in his heroic adventures.


Rastan is a side scrolling platform game that was developed by Taito Corporation in 1987 as a coin-op arcade game.


The story is based around the barbarian Rastan. You are given a quest by the King to rescue his daughter from the dark lands of Semia, in exchange for riches.


The game has seven stages. Each stage contains an outdoor environment leading into an indoor (castle) environment. To get through each stage you must kill monsters and overcome obstacles of varying difficulty (sometimes you need to do both at once). At the end of each stage you fight a Boss.

You start with a sword, but along the way other weapons become available. Often hanging in mid-air (somehow) ready for collection. Some of the weapons you will come across are the Battle Axe, Mace and the fire shooting Fire Sword. You will also be awarded armor, potions and magical items along the way, to offer protection and regenerate health. Some potions are poison, so you need to be careful.

The final Stage requires you to kill the Red Dragon.