Dash of Destruction

The first Xbox 360 advergame of Doritos-brand seasoned tortilla chips follows the eternal, destructive conflict between delivery trucks and dinosaurs.


A delivery truck driver's worst nightmare: the Tyrannosaurus Rex!
A delivery truck driver's worst nightmare: the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Dash of Destruction (also known as Doritos: Dash of Destruction) is a top-down action advergame developed by NinjaBee for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade). It was released on December 17, 2008 as part of Doritos's "Unlock Xbox" promotion.

Set in a city landscape, players play as either a driver of a Doritos delivery truck (with the goal of delivering to particular destinations in the map before losing all lives) or a city-stomping Tyrannosaurus Rex (with the goal of chasing down and eating delivery trucks before they make all deliveries).

Similar to Yaris, the game was later de-listed from the Xbox Live Marketplace due to licensing issues. Players can no longer download the game on their Xbox Live gamertags (unless they have downloaded it before).


Single Player

You are first given the opportunity to play as a city-stomping tyrannosaurus rex. The primary objective for the dinosaur is to munch on Doritos delivery trucks until a specific quota is reached by running (or dashing with the trigger) around the completely destructible mini-metropolis. As you progress, you'll periodically earn aesthetic, cybernetic enhancements to your ever-changing robo-T-rex. There are six levels to complete, each with a higher quota and a more challenging difficulty, be it with obstacles, dinosaur opponents, or more evasive trucks.

Once you've completed your short career as a ravenous dinosaur, you'll make the switch to the Doritos driver. As you attempt to escape your impending fate as a dinosaur's dinner, you'll make Doritos deliveries in a similar quota-reaching fashion to the dinosaur's gameplay. Comparable to the dinosaur's cybernetic enhancements, your standard delivery truck is also visually enhanced, without having any impact on the gameplay, have access to an acceleration boost to aid in your escape, and will partake in six stages before completing the game.


Any time a T-Rex is involved, buildings are destroyed!
Any time a T-Rex is involved, buildings are destroyed!

With up to three local players, you can partake in two multiplayer modes that either pit one dinosaur against two competing delivery trucks that rotate (Zen mode) or the rotation-free Chaos mode. In both Chaos and Zen mode, the first player to reach the indicated (and increased) quota is the winner. In Zen, you must eat the delivery truck to become the delivery truck, the player you ate will become a dinosaur to restore balance. The camera changes to accommodate for everyone, and becomes nearly completely top-down. This aids in seeing everything at once with an increased amount of players competing on the same screen.

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