A 3D game made by ngmoco in which you save humanity through crazy spaceship battles.


This is a 2D rescue and shooting game with 3D retro vector-based graphics.  The idea is to use your dropship to pick up stranded military personnel and a lost pod (depending on the mode you chose) and take them up to safety.  Military personnel are last names of people from your contact list (e.g. Private Doe) and can be picked up by moving your ship very close to them.  When rescuing pods is your objective, merely get close to it and the dropship's tractor beam will grab it and you need to maneuver back up and out without swinging it too much so that it flies off.  Each mission is ended by flying up and out of the level.


In essence, this game is a dual-stick shooter on the iPhone.  Lacking dual sticks, you place your thumbs on the screen instead to control your dropship.  Your left thumb controls the ships movement through the level, move your thumb in any direction much like a joystick to move your ship in the desired direction at a faster speed depending on how far your thumb is from where it started.  Your right thumb to touch the screen will control the weapons, simply aim in the direction you wish to shoot.  These controls can be a bit obtrusive at times, as they both take up parts of the screen, but luckily you can move your thumbs somewhere else on that side to see what is behind them if you must.