Cutey Honey FX

A Cutie Honey digital point-and-click comic adventure game for the PC-FX developed by DataWest and published in Japan by NEC in 1995.


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There have been strange disappearances at the resort called Austral Island... at this point, five of them. You play as an unnamed private detective who has been hired to locate a missing girl named Mizue... upon arrival you also befriend a girl named Miku. But what's this? Somebody else is already investigating, and she has much more at her disposal than you... it's Cutey (sic) Honey! Team with Cutey Honey and Danbei (Or Miku with irritating frequency) to solve the mystery of Austral Island, find the missing girl, expose Panther Claw, and defeat them!


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The gameplay is quite simple; you point and things and click on them; clicking on a person makes you speak to them, for example. Try to find clues as to what to do next and items as you travel about Austral Island. Sometimes Honey gets in animated combat situations and you get to control her. Firstly, you mash the I and III buttons to build up Honey's heart gauge; this influences the damage dealt when you strike the opponent. Several points will appear on the opponent's body; Reddish is normal damage, purple is special damage, and blue is a miss. Where Honey will strike rapidly changes ala a roulette; try to land on damage or preferably special damage. Don't miss, or Honey will take damage instead!


Unnamed Private Investigator

Hey, it's you! And you're a private investigator... and you get to work with Honey! Good deal.

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Kisaragi Honey/Cutie Honey

Honey is a 16 year old girl on the surface, but she's actually a perfect android with a "true heart"; I.E., she truly has a "soul" and is virtually a real human; she bleeds when hurt, etc. Using her "a irborne element solidifier", she can transform herself in to various different forms which have different abilities. She's an all around good person, but a bit goofy at times. In this game, she has 3 possible transformations apart from classic Cutey Honey: Fantasy Knight Honey, Wrestler Honey, and Commando Honey. They each are effective in different battles.

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Hayami Danbei

"Uncle" Danbei is a cranky and strange looking old man who is the patriarch of the Hayami family and Honey's de-facto caretaker. He will do anything for Honey, but he's also a bit of a pervert (what a surprise.) Despite his appearance, he's a semi-competent martial artist; nevertheless he often needs to be rescued by Honey.

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Fujiwara Miku

An upbeat and bubbly girl who befriends you near the beginning of the game.

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Ayukawa Mizue

The missing girl, she apparently had an interest in the occult.

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Sister Jill

Panther Claw's second in command. She is a sadistic and cruel dominatrix type who uses an electric whip to fight. She is obsessed with wealth.

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Panther Zora

The true leader of Panther Claw.