Groov is an XNA game. Use the left and right joysticks to maneuver the craft and fire musical bullets.


In essence, Groov is a less frantic clone of  the Geometry Wars franchise. The game stars a spacecraft fighting wave after wave of enemies, trying to get the high score. But what makes Groov different is its dynamic soundtrack. Everything done in the game (moving, shooting, dying) adds another layer to Groov's soundtrack. Even the enemies have a specific sound attached to them when shot.

The controls are similar to a traditional dual-joystick shooter. Left analog stick moves, right analog stick shoots, and the right trigger unleashes a time-slowing bomb. After enemies are shot, they eventually turn white. This color change means they are about to explode in musical glory. When enemies are white, the player can also fly through them. As the game continues, the spacecraft's weapons upgrade after every few thousand points, allowing the player to deal with the growing number of enemies appearing on screen.

The game has three mixes. Each of the higher mixes are unlocked after the completion of the lower one.