Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

Rescue your family's farm and the surrounding village from being turned into a resort. Remember... it's up to you to save the homeland.


Sent to a remote town to pick up the belongings of his late uncle, a young boy who can see forest spirits overhears a trio of sprites bemoaning the fate of their forest. He decides to take up their cause, and starts running his uncle's farm while finding a way to stop the building of an amusement park in one year's time.


Save the Homeland changes its focus slightly from previous games. It doesn't have marriage or festivals, and upgrading the farm and earning money is comparatively much easier than before. Instead Save the Homeland focuses on the player's search for a way to save the small village. To do so they have to befriend the villagers and, when one of them figures out a method for saving the town, help them with whatever they need. Befriending and helping them requires gifts like vegetables and high quality milk, so the farm can't be entirely ignored.

In addition to the farm a small town and the surrounding forest can be explored. The ranch hires for part time work during the day, and a lake in the forest can be fished at if the player can find a fishing pole.

When the player reaches an ending the year resets back to the 2nd day of spring, but they retain all the farm upgrades, items, money, animals, and even planted crops they had before. They can then try to get a new ending.