J-League Super Soccer '95: Jikkyou Stadium

Soccer game created by Hudson in 1995. The second in a series of three J-League games Hudson Soft published for the Super Famicom.


J-League Super Soccer '95: Jikkyou Stadium ("J-League Super Soccer '95: Live Commentary Stadium") is a soccer game exclusive to the Super Famicom. It is the sequel to J-League Super Soccer (Virtual Soccer in NA), and like that game contains the real teams of Division 1 of the J-League. Rather than UK developer Probe Entertainment, who developed the original, Hudson employed A.I Co. to create the game. The game was followed with J-League '96 Dream Stadium the following year.

J-League Super Soccer '95 offered multiple vantage points for the game, either a top-down view or a slanted view that was closer to the ground, and also had separate chants for each of the fourteen teams that occupied the J-League during the 1995 season.

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