Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut

A Super Famicom remake of a 1991 Famicom adventure game developed by HAL in 2000 and the last game to be released for the system.


Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut is an enhanced port of an adventure game from 1991 called Metal Slader Glory. The port features redrawn graphics by Yoshimiru Hoshi (the game's original creator and character designer), a new soundtrack, and additional scenes that had to be cut from Metal Slader's original release on the Famicom. HAL Laboratory developed the Director's Cut for the Super Famicom and Nintendo published the title on November 29, 2000 exclusively through the company's Nintendo Power kiosks. Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut holds the honor of being the very last officially released Super Famicom game to come out for the system.


  • Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut was born out of a failed sequel that was in development for the Nintendo 64DD. The sequel would have starred Yayoi Kisaraki, a young waitress from the first game, as well as a new character named Uzuki and would have taken advantage of the 64DD's exclusive features such as its rewritable disks and real-time clock. However, plans for the project fell through due to the many delays and eventual failure of the 64DD add-on so the team at HAL instead decided to create a remake of the original game for the Super Famicom.

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