Dangerous Seed

Vertically scrolling shooter from Namco. Take on hordes of biomechanical insectoid enemies in a spaceship that steadily gains extra parts.


Dangerous Seed is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up originally released in the arcades in 1989. The subsequent year it was ported to the Sega Genesis courtesy of contract developers TOSE, who would often port arcade games to home systems on behalf of the original developers, which in this case were Namco.

Dangerous Seed sees three ships - Alpha Ship, piloted by Yugo Tyrone; Beta Ship, piloted by Belle Vogato; and Gamma Ship, piloted by Kenny Crawford - take on the minions of Danger-Seed, a significant threat to mankind. As the player progresses, the three ships join together in various "formations", each of which focuses their firepower in different patterns.


Arcade: 8-way joystick and 2 fire buttons for a normal attack, and a limited number of smart bomb attacks.