Mark Davis' The Fishing Master

Bass fishing game developed by Natsume in 1995. The North American localization has the name and likeness of professional angler Mark Davis, though the original Japanese version had no affiliated sportsperson.


Mark Davis' The Fishing Master (Oomono Black Bass Fishing: Jinzoukohen, or "Big Game Black Bass Fishing: Artificial Lake Episode") is a fishing game for the Super Famicom and SNES. The North American version of the game is endorsed by Mark Davis, who appears in-game to give the player advice on when and where best to fish for bass depending on the season and weather. In Japan, this information is conveyed by a generic mentor character.

The player picks a place on a lake, including the streams and rivers that lead into the lake, to plant their boat and start fishing for bass. There is a very brief window between the bass biting on the lure and swimming away, so the player has to be alert and hit the reel button as soon as the icon appears. The player can customize their rod, lure and miscellaneous accessories, which includes a cap to keep the sun out of the player character's eyes.

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