Slam Bolt Scrappers

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a Brawler/Puzzling featuring 4 player co-op and head to head multiplayer. The game consists of a deep competitive battle mode


In Slam Bolt Scrappers, each team must attempt to build up their tower while preventing the other team from building up theirs. As a team's tower grows, it will gain attacks and defenses based on the blocks used to assemble it.


Players fly around the board and fight other players to kill spawning enemies that yield tetraminos (Tetris pieces) when killed. These pieces are needed to construct the players' towers. The color of each piece is based on the enemy it came from. When pieces fitted into a tower form a same-colored cube, they become an active piece based on their color. The larger a block is, the more power it has.

Block Types

  • Red - Missiles: Fires seeking missiles at opposing players, tower, and enemies. Smaller blocks only fire one missile at a time.
  • Purple - Lasers: Directly attacks only the opposing tower.
  • Yellow - Black Cannon: Fires flaming pieces at opposing tower. Unique among blocks in that it must be loaded to work. It is loaded with any of the building pieces.
  • Green - Drills: Fires drills that do a large amount of damage over time as they drill into the opposing tower. However, they can be punched off by players.
  • Teal - Lightning: Sends bolts of lightning at enemies, opposing players, and blocks. Has a chance of disabling the weapons they hit for a short time.
  • Blue - Shields: Prevents damage to adjacent blocks. Will power down temporarily when its damage limit is reached.
  • Orange - Ping Pong Paddle: Reflect attacks back at the opponent's tower. If they are in both towers, this can result in rallies or even lasers that reflect back and forth.


There is both a 4-player co-op campaign, and competitive multiplayer.