Sharp Shot

A mini-game collection comprised of four games targeted at younger audiences.

Sharp Shot offers four mini-games, all of which are controlled using only a single button.  

"UFO Attack" takes place in outer space. Your goal is to shoot down as many UFOs within the alloted time. Shooting down enemy ships is as easy as hitting the action button when they pass through your crosshair -- which is locked in the middle of the screen and cannot be moved. Two players can play this game.  

"Submarine Patrol" has you launching torpedos from your submarine in order to sink enemy vessels. Your submarine will move back and forth on a horizontal path on the lower part of the screen; your torpedos will move upwards on a strictly vertical path, so hitting enemy vessels boils down to properly timing your shots. This is a single player game offering hot-seat multiplayer. 

"Critter hunt" is meant to be played competitively, offering two-player simultaneous play. Bugs and other critters will move through a mazelike grid on random patterns. Controlling bow and arrow, your goal is to hit as many creatures as possible within the time limit. Your arrows will move along the maze walls, travelling upwards all the while. Your bow will move from left to right (and back, respectively) on the lower edge of the screen; again it's a matter of timing boiling down to releasing your bow at the proper moment.  

"Football" is a very simple representation of American Football. Playing as the quarterback it's your job to find an open receiver in the end zone and throwing him the ball -- which is as easy as moving your player up and down on the right side of the screen and releasing the ball the moment you're lined up with your two receivers in the endzone. Since there's no defensive line pressing down on your QB, it's only a matter of how many touchdowns you can score before the timer runs out.