Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (Digimon Battle Chronicle in Japan) is a Digimon fighting game released in 2004 by Bandai Games for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and the Xbox.


Digimon: Rumble Arena 2 is the sequel to the original PlayStation game. The game is a 2D fighter with 3D models.

Playable Digimon

Standard Digimon

The following Digimon are playable in Rumble Arena 2:

  • Agumon (Champion: Greymon) (Mega: Wargreymon)
  • Biyomon (Champion: Birdramon) (Ultimate: Garudamon)
  • Flamemon (Champion: Agunimon) (Ultimate: BurningGreymon)
  • Gabumon (Champion: Garurumon) (Mega: MetalGarurumon)
  • Gatomon (Ultimate: Angewomon) (Armor: Nefertimon)
  • Gomamon (Champion: Ikkakumon) (Ultimate: Zudomon)
  • Guilmon (Champion: Growlmon) (Ultimate: Gallantmon)
  • Patamon (Champion: Angemon) (Ultimate: MagnaAngemon)
  • Palmon (Champion: Togemon) (Ultimate: Lilymon)
  • Tentomon (Champion: Kabuterimon) (Ultimate: MegaKabuterimon)
  • Veemon (Champion: Flamedramon) (Ultimate: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode)

Unlockable Digimon

The following Digimon are unlockable in Rumble Arena 2:

  • BlackAgumon (Champion: BlackGreymon) (Mega: BlackWargreymon)
  • BlackGabumon (Champion: BlackGarurumon) (Mega: BlackMetalGarurumon)
  • BlackGuilmon (Champion: BlackGrowlmon) (Ultimate: ChaosGallantmon)
  • Diaboromon
  • Duskmon
  • MaloMyotismon
  • Neemon
  • Omnimon


  • Lava Lake - Set on a bridge above rocks and lava. You will have to watch out because the lava will rise over time.
  • Pier 47 - A constantly moving stage set on a loading and unloading dock. Crates are also being moved around so be careful that you don't get in their way.
  • Rubber Tree Falls - Set in front of a waterfall. There are trees in this stage that act as trampolines.
  • The Cannery - Conveyor belts are the star of this level. If you get careless they will lead you to being canned and you will be immobile for some time.
  • Steamworks - In the middle of an ocean on a floating oil platform you will have to dodge flames and steam to be victorious.
  •  Twisted Toy Town - The moment you touchdown it will start collapsing. You have to keep going right and watch out  fro fire breathing ducks to come out in one piece.
  • Jungle Ruins - Rumble in the jungle. It is set in a forgotten civilization's ruins.
  • Danger Gulch - A wild wild west ghost town. Beware of mine carts that dash across the screen.
  • Ice Palace - Watch out for the spiny icicles that line the level or you will be iced. An Ice chandelier is in the top center of the stage, you can use it to destroy your foes if you time it right. Ice Palacae needs to be unlocked in the  story mode so you can play it in multiplayer.
  • Chaos Wasteland - Anything can happen in this stage, lighting tries to attack you, platforms catch fire, the gravity changes, and platforms are frozen. You can unlock this stage by beating the single player story.

Game Modes

  • Timed Rumble - You have to score the most KOs in the time allotted to win.
  • Knouckout Battle - In this mode you have a stock number of lives when you lose all of them, you lose. Win by being the last Digimon standing.
  • Keep Away - In order to win you have to hold the spirit egg the longest. Your enemies can swipe the egg from you by knocking you down.
  • Poison - At the start of the game one player is randomly chosen to be poisoned. In order to get rid of it you have to land an attack on someone else. Whoever has HP wins the game.
  • Digi-Race - You have to Digivole and use your ultra attack to  score 1 point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.
  • Liitle versus Big - A knockout battle with a twist: One player begins in his most powerful Digivolution. Whoever KOs him will be transformed into their most powerful form. The last Digimon standing wins.
  • Spirit Collection - Spirit Eggs will fall down from the sky and you will have to collect the most to win. Alternatively, you can attack your opponents for the spirit eggs.
  • King of the Hill - A platform has a flag on it and whoever stays on that platform will earn one point for every three seconds they stay on it. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.
  • Crazy Chase - Culumon is on the loose and you have to catch him a set number of times to win.
  • Speed - This mode is applicable to all the above. Speed changes the pace of the battle:Slow,medium, or fast.


  • Digi Up - Partially fills your Digimeter, fill it all the way to Digivolve.
  • Digi-Max - Fills your Digimeter completely.
  • Digi-Nuke - An enormous explosion that knocks out 30% of all Digimon's  Digimeter.
  • Fire-Up - You're on fire. Anyone who touches you will take damage and your normal attacks do 25% more damage.
  • HP-Max - Heals the Digimon
  • HP-Up - Heals the Digimon for 10% of his health meter.
  • Invincibility - You will not take damage from the opponent's attacks.
  • Iron Fist - Your attacks become more powerful and sends an opponent flying. You are also heavier which means you move slower and can't jump as high.
  • Life-Up - Gives the Digimon an extra life.

Chance Items

Chance Items come in the from of Digivices. The items can be either good or bad. Most of them will affect all of the players. 
  • Body Snatchers - All players suddenly randomly control another Digimon.
  • De-Digivolution - All players de-digivolve one level.
  • Digivolution Convolution - If you're at level 3 you'll revert to level 1. If you're at level 1, you'll Digivolve to level 3. If you're at level 2, you'll Digivolve if you are losing and de-Digivolve if you're winning.
  • Digivolve All - All players Digivolve one level.
  • Lighting Strike - Lighting crashes down onto the stage for a few seconds
  • Pinata - Whoever picked up this one will turn into a defenseless pinata.
  • Sleepy Time - All the Digimon except the one who activated it will go to sleep for a little while.
  • Summon Phantomon - A Phantomon appears and whoever touches it will be KOed instantly.
  • Sympathy Pains - All players randomly shuffle their current health.