Raving Rabbids Travel In Time

After trying to escape the Earth in Rabbids Go Home, the deranged critters now decide to take a starring role in mankind's evolution and travel through time to alter history, with mini-games.


Somehow having harnessed the ability to travel through time by way of a Back to the Future inspired (check the instrument panel) washing machine, the Rabbids decide they'd like to be a part of mankind's legacy and set out to change the course of human history.
After the departure that was Rabbids Go Home, Travel in Time returns to the party game formula (now with online in addition to split-screen multiplayer), though there's a little more depth to the mini-games this time. The game is centered around a museum which acts as a hub from which players can access the various games: from Diddy Kong Racing-esque flight, to 2.5D platforming somewhat reminiscent of Little Big Planet, a shooting gallery, Wii Motionplus fishing, and on-land waterskiing...