A freeware Japanese train driving simulation game focused on realism and modability. It has been in continual development since its release, with numerous custom routes and trains to download.


BVE Trainsim (also known as Bve Trainsim and BVE, originally known as Bōsō View Express) is an indie freeware train driving simulation game developed and released by Takashi "mackoy" Kojima for Windows PCs on March 2000. It received numerous revisions since its original release, with the latest version being BVE Trainsim 6 (originally released on September 23, 2020).

A train simulator similar to Microsoft Train Simulator, BVE Trainsim focuses on an accurate recreation of the Japanese in-cab train driving experience while providing modability support for custom routes, vehicles, and scenarios (many of which simulate rail activity in other countries). As a personal project, it has been in continual development since its original release, with major revisions improving compatibility with newer version of Windows and revamping the custom data format.

The name "BVE" is short for "Bōsō View Express" (暴走 View Express), which is a homophonic pun on "Bōsō View Express" (房総 View Express), a nickname given to the 255 Series electric train (which was one of the developer's favorite hometown trains). While the original nickname refers to the Bōsō Peninsula, the pun loosely translates to "runaway" (as in a runaway train), and thus was abbreviated in subsequent releases.

As the game engine itself is not moddable, an independently-developed open-source project, known as OpenBVE, began development in 2009 that supports the custom data format of BVE2 and BVE4.


The game received multiple updated revisions:

  • Bōsō View Express (stylized as either 暴走 VIEW EXPRESS or BVE) is the first version, released on March 2000.
  • BVE Trainsim 2, also known as BVE2, was released on February 2001. Its last released version was on March 2004 with version 2.6. A BVE Trainsim 3 was in development in 2003, but was cancelled due to development issues.
  • BVE Trainsim 4, also known as BVE4, was released on January 10, 2005. Its last released version was on May 2005 with version 4.2.
  • BVE Trainsim 5, also known as BVE5, was released on September 5, 2011 (although it received testing versions since July 2008). Its last released version was on September 2020 with version 5.8.
  • BVE Trainsim 6, also known as BVE6, was released on September 23, 2020.

The original version of the game was in development between 1996-2000, and started out as a simplistic game where you stop the train on platforms along a straight route. Information about the game's development can be found here.