Digimon Battle

Digimon Battle is a MMORPG where players can adopt their own Digimon partner and fight other Digimon and players to gain experience and gain the ability to digivolve.


Digimon Battle is the North American version of Digimon RPG, a Korean massively-multiplayer online role-playing game first released back in 2002.  

It allows players to pick one out of four tamers and one out of three Digimon to begin their online quest. Players can catch other Digimon and collect up to a team of five for three-on-three battles.


You begin your quest by picking one of four characters to represent you in the game, all of them are models of the characters in the 3rd season of Digimon; Digimon Tamers (Takato, Henry, Rika, and Jerri). After that, you must pick one of three digimon to be your starter Digimon (These are the first forms of the Digimon Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon).
Players start out in a tutorial mode in the real world until their Digimon reaches level 11, at which time they are able to digivolve into their rookie stage. After that it's up to the players to level up their Digimon and catch others in order to build their team so that they may traverse dungeons with others (and go into the Digital World). Other digivolution levels are 21 (Champion), 31 (Ultimate), and 41 (Mega). Some Digimon only go up to the ultimate level, so they will not gain a new form when they reach Mega level.
Players may get new Digimon in a few ways; they can catch them in battle (using the "capture" button with a 30% success rate), they can use a net on them in battle(with a 100% success rate), or they can hatch them from a Digimon egg. Digimon eggs and nets can only be obtained by buying them from the WeMade store with WeCash
Battles are played out on a screen featuring the Digimon you currently have set as your partner on the right side of the screen and your enemies on the left side. You may face up to five enemy Digimon but may only have three of your own in battle. Battle progresses using a standard active-time battle system (a la Final Fantasy) where you can select either a standard move, one of two special attacks, and select cards to use to help your Digimon when it attacks.
Players may also form parties (up to 5) with other players. This is most commonly done in the game's dungeons, where the digimon you fight are harder and require a few friends to tag along to beat. Players may call in more than one of their Digimon when they're in a party, but only if there are less than five players and less that five allied Digimon on the field.
Fighting enemy Digimon involves you guiding your character around the digital world and clicking on the Digimon you wish to battle; Digimon will never attack a player.