Tekken Advance

Tekken Advance takes the fighters well known from the arcade and console series and attempts to pack them into a portable system.


Tekken Advance is a fighting game for the Game Boy Advance. The game has a wide variety of fighters to choose from, and each fighter has a uniquely different fighting style. The game plays similarly to its console predecessors because of the ability to side step and it transcends just two dimensions. In all of the other games in the Tekken series characters would have an ending (excluding the original Tekken where sub-bosses and the final boss Heihachi Mishima didn't have endings) after beating the game once with any character, however in Tekken Advance characters did not have an ending. This game used Tekken 3 sprites and storyline it also introduced the new tag system which was originally used in Tekken Tag Tournament, a non-canon game in the Tekken series, and has yet to be reused in any of the following games. This was also the first handheld game in the Tekken series.