MechWarrior: Living Legends

MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) is a total conversion multiplayer mod for Crysis, using CryEngine 2 as its engine and set in the Battletech universe. It is one of the few mods to have been sanctioned by Microsoft.

Founded by brothers Sean and Dan Tracy, Mechwarrior: Living Legends is an independent mod project set in the BattleTech universe and is a total conversion of CryEngine2. The mod has been officially sanctioned by Microsoft, who have owned the rights to Mechwarrior since 2011, and has had pre-SDK support as well as sanctioning by CryTek (who recruited Sean and Dan for their work on this project). The founding studio Wandering Samurai Studios, LLC halted development on the project in 2013, however, since the release of a Community Edition update, which was intended to revive and maintain support for the game, it has had ongoing updates from the fan community.

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