Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME

The eighth Japanese release in the main Dance Dance Revolution series, and ninth release in North American.


Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (usually shortened to DDR EXTREME) is a game in the popular Dance Dance Revolution franchise. The Japanese arcade version features one of the largest soundtracks in the series with 240 songs.

During the credits of the Japanese Playstation 2 version, a montage of the logo screens for all the previous games in the series is shown, followed by a message saying "Thank you for ALL..." This led to speculation that this would be the last DDR game, but obviously that ended up not being the case.

Differences between the Japanese and North American PS2 releases

Despite both being called Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME, the North American and Japanese home versions are very different games.

The Japanese version has a much larger soundtrack with 111 songs and more resembles the arcade version. The North American version has fewer songs and more licensed songs that may be recognizable to the mainstream.

The North American version also includes a bunch of new modes with gameplay that strays away from the normal DDR formula. Some of the modes are built to use the EyeToy.

Game Modes

The Playstation 2 version includes additional game modes aside from the standard arcade mode.

Nonstop Mode

Nonstop Mode is similar to the standard mode, except players must continue playing with much shorter breaks and the dance gauge lowers more than usual when the player misses steps.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode gives the player songs with certain goals to meet and specific modifiers activated.

Feeding Time (North America Only)

In Feeding Time, the different arrows on the dance pad are assigned to different types of food. The player must match the arrow they hit with the animal that is displayed on screen.

Watch Me Dance (North America Only)

Watch Me Dance plays like the standard mode, but uses the EyeToy to display the player on the screen as they play.

Clean the Screen (North America Only)

In Clean the Screen, obstructions appear on the screen as the player is playing songs. Using the EyeToy, they must move their arms around to wipe them away.

Hands and Feet (North America Only)

Hands and Feet adds two additional targets on the screen. Using the EyeToy, the player must use their hands to hit notes alongside the normal arrows.

Magical Ball (North America Only)

Magical Ball doesn't require a dance pad, and is an EyeToy minigame similar to Arkanoid.

Coconut Panic (North America Only)

Coconut Panic doesn't require a dance pad, and is an EyeToy minigame that has the player shaking trees and collecting coconuts.


Each version of the game has a different soundtrack, with a few songs shared. The arcade and Japanese PS2 versions are more similar than the North American PS2 version.

Playstation 2 (North America)

Song TitleArtistBeginnerLightStandardHeavyChallenge
♥Love2Sugar♥DJ Taka featuring Noria1457-
.59DJ Taka-467-
321StarsDJ Simon2467-
ADJ Amuro24689
A Stupid BarberSho-T1467-
AbsoluteDJ Taka-358-
B4U (B4 Za Beat Mix)Naoki----7
Bad RoutineDJ Spunga1456-
Bizarre Love TriangleJerry1457-
Can't Stop Fallin' in Love (Speed Mix)Naoki-469-
Diving (Radio Edit)4 Strings1356-
Do Me -H.I.G.E.O. Mix-Mustache Men-369-
Don't Clock MePopula Demand feat. The Get Fresh Girls-246-
Drop OutNW260-579-
Drop Out (From Nonstop Megamix)NW260----9
Drop the BombScotty D.-456-
Ecstasy (Midnight Blue Mix)D-Complex----8
FireflyBe For U-157-
Frozen Ray (For EXTREME)DJ Taka1469-
Funk BoogieFunk Kid feat. Kool Boys1456-
Go WestPet Shop Boys1456-
HigheNM feat. Sunny-356-
Higher (Next Morning Mix)NM feat. Sunny----7
Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix)4 Reeel-157-
I Feel...Akira Yamaoka-369-
I'm for RealSlake-357-
JaneJanaT.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed & Emi1357-
Jet WorldMutsuhiko Izumi1358-
Keep On Movin'N.M.R.1456-
Kick the CanBus Stop-367-
Kids in AmericaKim Wilde1467-
La SenoritaCaptain. T-467-
Ladies' Night∠R1457-
Like a VirginTama_Happytone1358-
Make It BetterMitsu-O!-457-
MaximizerCli-Max S.2578STP
MemoriesNaoki feat. Paula Terry1368-
MiracleSt. Jannaro-257-
Mobo★MogaOrange Lounge1367-
Move Your FeetJunior Senior1357-
Music (Bostik Radio Edit)Darude1468-
Never Ending StoryDJ-AC-DC-367-
On the JazzJonny Dynamite!-257-
Only YouCaptain Jack-247-
Paranoia EternalSTM 200-569-
Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix)190-688-
Peace-OutDJ Naguero-247-
Pink RoseKiyommy + Seiya1358-
Planet Rock (Swordfish Radio Edit)Paul Oakenfold vs. Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulso1357-
Scorching MoonShawn the Horny Master1467-
Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)BT1467-
So in LoveCaramel S.-367-
The Legend of MAXZZ3699.9-
The ReflexDuran Duran-258-
Theme from Enter the Dragon -Revival2001 Mix-B3-Project-468-
There You'll BeDJ Speedo feat. Angelica-368-
Trip MachineDe-Sire-678-
Trip Machine SurvivorDe-Sire1589-
TsugaruRevenG vs. De-Sire-369-
Tsugaru (Apple Mix)RevenG vs. De-Sire----9
V (For EXTREME)Taka14689
Waiting for TonightP.A.T.1457-
Wild RushFactor-X-456-
Wild Rush (From Nonstop Megamix)Factor-X----7
Wonderland (UKS Mix)X-Treme-467-
Y.M.C.A.Village People1467-
You're Not HereHeather1468-
Your Rain (Rage Mix)Akira Yamaoka feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn1346-