Boot Hill

An arcade shooter released in 1977. Midway released the game in North America as Boot Hill, while Taito released the game in Japan as Gunman. The game was a sequel to the 1975 hit Taito/Midway arcade shooter Gun Fight.

This game is all about shooting!

The theme of Boot Hill is the old western setting. Play with a friend or against a computer. The goal is to shoot and kill the other cowboy, who is positioned on the opposite side of the screen.


Different obstacles is between your nemesis and you; cacti and wagons prowls the middle of the screen, which you can use as cover to your advantage. BUT BEWARE of shooting these cover points, since bullets will make them slowly disintegrate. Also, you use a small joystick to move up and down on the screen.


The game was released in a dedicated cabinet, which mostly came in yellow. It featured side art of two different cowboys. The monitor bezel, had the game title and also a detailed cartoon scene of a few cowboys shooting each other in a graveyard on top of a hill.

It had a 23" monochrome open frame monitor that was buried deep within the machine.

Boot Hill made a leap forward in technological terms with it's high level of detail and colorful backdrop

Debut on film

In the 1977 George Romero film, "Dawn of the Dead," four survivors seeks refuge from the zombies by entering a giant shopping mall. Boot Hill was in the arcade section of the mall.

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