Dragon Valor

Dragon Valor is an Action RPG created by Namco for the PS1 in 1999. It was the third and final game in the Dragon Buster series.


Dragon Valor is the third and final game in the Dragon Buster series of action role-playing games. The first chapter of the game is essentially a remake of Namco's 1984 arcade classic Dragon Buster. The player originally controls Dragon Buster's protagonist Clovis (though he looks markedly different) and fights across several maps in a scrolling brawler-type hack & slash format, along with platformer elements. There are additional RPG elements that allow the player to power-up their character and unleash magical spells, the latter in a similar manner to Golden Axe's screen-clearing special abilities.

In Clovis' chapter, the player can decide the girl he ends up marrying out of the two he meets while adventuring, depending on the moral decision of whether he rescues Princess Celia (the princess in the original Dragon Buster). This choice decides who the next protagonist will be, as each new main character is invariably the child of the previous protagonist and his betrothed. The rest of the game branches out in a similar manner, with many various main characters to unlock. Although each character more or less fights similarly in melee, they have different spells with varying effects.

There are several generations of protagonists and several different endings. The different possible genealogies were intended to increase the replay value, as a single run through the game tends to be rather on the short side.

Several characters from Dragon Valor appear in Namco Super Wars for the Wonderswan, a cameo-filled "Namco mythos" game that's a precursor to Namco X Capcom.