Shanghai: Triple-Threat

Released for various console systems in Japan. Banri no Choujou means "The Great Wall". The game is known in the US as "Shanghai: Triple-Threat", which was released by Activision for the 3DO and Sega Saturn.


Shanghai: Triple-Threat (JP: Shanghai: Banri no Choujou, or "Shanghai: The Great Wall") is a puzzle game and part of the Shanghai franchise, which presents a number of different Mahjong Solitaire puzzles for players to solve. The game was released on multiple systems, but only the 3DO and the Saturn versions were localized into English.

The game features two modes in most versions: an Original mode that allows the player to configure a puzzle of their choosing, selecting the different configurations of tiles to their choosing, and an Arcade mode that plays through a series of pre-determined Mahjong Solitaire stages in order.