Command & Conquer: The First Decade

Command & Conquer the first Decade was released on 2006 and is a compilation of all the C&C games of the time.

Electronic Arts designed on 2006 to release a compilation with all the released games of the successful Command & Conquer franchise, all together in one DVD and one extra bonus DVD.

This Compilation contains :

1) Command & Conquer, that was released on 1995 with its expansion: The covert Operations on 1996

2) C&C Red Alert that was also released on 1996 with later two expansions: Red Alert Counterstrike and The Aftermath both on 1997

3) C&C Tiberian Sun that was released on 1999 with the expansion : Firestorm that was out a year later .

4) C&C Red alert 2 which was released on 2000 and its expansion Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge on 2001

5) C&C Renegade which was released on 2002 and it was the first and last First person shooter of the C&C franchise.

6) C&C Generals released on 2003 and the expansion C&C Generals Zero Hour also the same year .

Bonus DVD

1) The first Decade

2) Louis Castle Interview

3) 10 years of C&C

4) The Future

5) The Community

6) A tribute to C&C

7) Bonus Features : The First Decade trailers , Concept artwork , Credits

Also the disc included a poster of the upcoming game C&C Tiberium wars 3 (GDI Ion Cannon and on the other side the GDI Predator Tank)