Power Piggs of the Dark Ages

A SNES platformer featuring medieval anthropomorphic pigs.


Power Piggs of the Dark Age is a platformer developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Titus Interactive for the SNES platform. It features Bruno, the leader of the "Power Piggs": a group of three warrior pigs that operate a donut shop during the Dark Ages that becomes the target of the villainous "Wolff the Wizzard".

The game borrows a lot of elements from Disney's Aladdin. The main character can rely on their melee weapon or thrown objects; the latter has range, but is limited in supply until the player finds more. The game makes use of verticality in its levels as well, letting players ascend through air vents or floating platforms.

Despite all three Piggs appearing prominently on the box art and title scrawl, the only playable character is Bruno, the Power Piggs's leader. The game uses a password system to save progress, with one password taking players to a hidden shoot 'em up featuring the faces of the developers.

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