Battle Zeque Den

A Super Famicom brawler with an all-female cast.


Battle Zeque-Den is a 2D side-scrolling single-plane brawler for the Super Famicom, developed by Arsys Software and published by Asmik Corporation. Three magically-gifted martial artists fight the forces of darkness to restore the world's balance. The player can choose from any of the three playable characters: Rufu, the redheaded fighter who attacks with the fire element; Kairu, the purple-haired water magic-user; and Hamusu, a younger heroine with boxing gloves and earth-based magic.

Like Sega's Golden Axe, each character has a limited number of character-specific spells which help to clear the immediate area of enemies, though they largely rely on punches, kicks, flying kicks and throws. There's also some small amount of platforming (the characters have a double jump to make it easier to reach higher ledges) and items that restore magic and health.