Middle Manager of Justice

Double Fine's first iOS game. The player recruits and trains a group of superheroes.


Middle Manager of Justice is free-to-play time-management simulation layered with some light RPG progression.

The game launched officially in December of 2012, though it was accidentally released a few months earlier. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


The Middle Manager
The Middle Manager

The action in Middle Manager of Justice falls in to one of two halves: base management, and patrol.

Base Management

The game starts off in the base management mode. As the manager of a sort of "Super Hero Office" it is your task to hire heroes, schedule their activities, and develop them and the office in order to expand city territory that your branch is responsible for. As progress is made, new facilities can be added to the base, allowing for more activities to be delegated to your heroes.


There are six rooms which can be added to the base. These range from a training room which allows heroes to raise base stats, to a research lab where they can unlock new equipment or consumables. There is some flexibility in which order rooms are added, and to where resources are allocated when adding or upgrading workstations to rooms, which gives the game a slight Theme Hospital feel.

An overview of the base
An overview of the base

While in base management mode, the player must also give the heroes (and their avatar) tasks to work on, or they will stand around doing nothing in the center hall. All tasks take a set amount of time, which can be skipped using currency which can be purchased for real money, or won in-game. The main conflict of the game arises from trying to efficiently assign tasks to the heroes and manager, in an effort to stay ahead of crime happening in the city.

Both the player's avatar (the manager) and the employed heroes level up and have abilities which can be unlocked and improved. Once a character has unlocked an ability, they can spend time at home base in order to improve (level up) that specific ability. Each ability has two or three tiers, which can be gated by level. Heroes can also raise their base stats by spending time to improve them, but the number of times they can do this is limited to five sessions per level. Max level is currently capped at 15.


Hero selection interface
Hero selection interface

While the player has the game running, crimes will start to spring up in the city. These crimes come with a timer, and as they are neglected, the happiness of the territory being victimized decreases, which in turn lowers the yield of coins received from the territory. This section of the gameplay is most like other free-to-play games like Jurassic Park: Builder, where the player is encouraged to return to the screen often to collect in-game currency.

The player can dispatch up to four heroes to stop a crime taking place, and has the choice to watch the event or delegate it. If the player decides to watch, they effectively control the heroes in an active-time battle somewhat like those in Chrono Trigger (though much more simplified.) Alternatively, the player can delegate the fight, meaning it will auto-resolve with a percentage chance of success, after a set amount of time, allowing the player to spend more time doing other things.

Masked Mummy
Masked Mummy

All time-sensitive actions occur in real-time while the game is being played, so the player must hop back and forth between the city map and the base to make sure they are not leaving heroes idle, nor allowing too much crime to go unpunished. The game pauses when not being played, so no progress (for good or ill) occurs while the game is closed.


Surge Protector
Surge Protector
  • @Man uses advanced gadgetry and social media connectedness to thwart evil.
  • Captain Premium has been fighting crime since before you were born. He mostly consults these days, but for the right coin he'll knock some heads for you.
  • Crimebot was created by Cranium for the purposes of evil, but installed the evil chip upside down. Now Crimebot is all about justice.
  • Galaxy Girl's planet was destroyed while she was vacationing on earth. Bummer for her, but great for your branch! She is now a cosmic force for hire!
  • Hot Head has a short fuse. When he gets hot under the collar, flames erupt! He goes to anger management, but it isn't helping.
  • Masked Mummy was exhumed while building the foundation of the Giza Branch of Justice. He wears a mask to conceal his identity.
  • Surge Protector accidentally knocked multiple appliances into the bathtub at the exact time of a lighting strike. Did she die? Nope. Super Powers.
  • Sweet Justice lucked out when he bought a vintage costume on an auction website and found it to be imbued with power. He donned it to become... Sweet Justice!
  • The Cosmic Crowbar


Cubicles and Gym
Cubicles and Gym
  • Bedroom: Heroes reser here to restore their health
  • Cubicles: Heroes do sales work here to bring in some extra income
Lab and Bedroom
Lab and Bedroom
  • Gym: Heroes train up their stats here with intense workouts
  • Lab: Heroes do research here to unlock new items
  • Practice: Heroes can train and discover new abilities here
  • Rec Room: Heroes hang out here to improve morale


There are two types of currency used in the game: coins and Superium.

Coins are generated by the territories protected by the player and must be harvested regularly by tapping on them in the city map. Coins are used to upgrade the base as well as buy equipment or consumables for heroes.

Superium is the premium currency in the game, which can be purchased for real world money, or can be found in-game for defeating boss battles (usually 10 Superium per victory). It can be used to purchase hero booster packs, which give the player the choice to hire one of three randomly selected heroes (out of a larger hero pool) or to speed up tasks. The player is not required to ever purchase Superium in order to play the game.

Premium Currency Exchange rate

ItemAmount ReceivedPrice
Dollop of Superium15 Superium$0.99
Bucket of Superium85 Superium$4.99
Crate of Superium200 Superium$9.99
Vat of Superium450 Superium$19.99
Coin Copier2 for 1 earned currency$1.99

Hero Packs

  • Econo-Hero Pack: This is a rough economy but luckily there are still some low level heroes that will work for you on the cheap (Level 1 Hero for 10 Superium).
  • Adequate Hero Pack: Have a little expendable income? Maybe it's time to get some heroes with a little more experience (Level 5 Hero for 20 Superium).
  • Deluxe Hero Pack: Headhunter fees, relo packing, signing bonuses... if you want senior level heroes on your team, you're going to have to pony up (Level 10 Hero for 30 Superium)!
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