Space Invaders DX

A Space Invaders remake with many different options and a "parody mode" that includes many well-known Taito characters. The structure of Space Invaders DX serves as the template for many home versions thereafter.


Space Invaders DX is an Arcade shoot 'em up and an enhanced remake of Taito's original 1978 Arcade hit Space Invaders, released in 1993 to coincide with the original's 15th anniversary. Half reboot and half homage, Space Invaders DX sets the mold for future Space Invaders revisits. It features multiple modes to play the original game, such as different Arcade cabinet types, and a parody mode that lets the player attempt boards with other Taito characters. It also has a competitive two-player mode that lets the player drop "junk" invaders on their opponent.

The home versions were known as Space Invaders: The Original Game, and featured most of the above depending on the version. Both the SNES and PC Engine CD-ROM versions of the game were rereleased on Wii's Virtual Console.