Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi

The first console-exclusive Space Invaders game, featuring classic and enhanced modes. Released exclusively in Japan for the PC Engine.


Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi ("Space Invaders: Day of Resurrection") is a PC Engine exclusive variant of Taito's classic 1978 space shoot 'em up. As well as including an "original mode", which plays identically to the original Arcade version and includes a hidden setting that plays the game in black and white monochrome, Fukkatsu no Hi also includes a "Space Invaders Plus" mode which includes more contemporary 16-bit graphics and power-ups earned from destroying UFOs. The player's ship can also take several hits before being destroyed, but generally has less cover to hide behind.

Taito developed Fukkatsu no Hi to be the first console-exclusive version of the game: previous Space Invaders sequels, remakes and spin-offs had all been Arcade games originally and ported to consoles later. It was released a few months before the Mega Drive/Genesis exclusive version of Space Invaders '90 (Space Invaders '91 in the US). Fukkatsu no Hi did not see a release outside of Japan. It also has zero connection with the 1980 Japanese sci-fi movie Fukkatsu no Hi, a.k.a. Virus.