Tengai Makyou: Fuun Kabuki Den

A direct spin-off to Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru staring Kabuki Danjirou.


Tengai Makyou: Fuun Kabuki Den is a turn-based RPG developed by RED Company that stars Kabuki Danjirou, one of the four heroes from Tengai Makyou II. Unlike the previous entries in the series, the battle system does not have a first-person viewpoint, but rather a side view similar to that of the 2D Final Fantasy titles. The game is also a bit more lighthearted and humorous than it's predecessors, featuring elements such as villains who sing a song before doing battle with the party. Fuun Kabuki Den was first released by Hudson for the PC-Engine CD in 1993 and later saw a re-release in the Tengai Makyou Collection compilation for the PlayStation Portable in 2008.