Flash Flash Revolution

Flash Flash Revolution is an online flash-based 4-key rhythm game where players use their keyboard arrow keys to tap along with the rhythm to scrolling arrows. FFR boasts an immense library of over 1500 public songs, universal multilayer servers and frequently hosted world-wide tournaments.

Flash Flash Revolution is an online browser-based flash simulator of Konami’s popular arcade series “Dance Dance Revolution.” Players must tap their arrow keys along with the music, as each arrow scrolls over the receptors. Flash Flash Revolution is an expanding rhythm gaming hub, totaling over 1.8 million registered users, with over 1500 public songs, hundreds of unlockables, and new songs being added every week. Credits are accumulated by scoring well on songs, and may be used to purchase or unlock songs, issue challenges to friends or exchange with other players. Flash Flash Revolution currently provides three engine options to simulate a wide array of game environments: the Legacy Engine, Velocity Engine and R^3 Engine. The universal multiplayer servers provide a unique rhythm gaming experience, supporting lobbies across all three engines. Biannually hosted Official Tournaments attract hundreds of players world-wide, and accommodate all levels of skill, ranging from Novice (Division 1) to Legendary (Division 7).