Streemerz is an 8-bit retro platformer by Arthur Lee for his Action 52 Owns project. First created as a freeware PC game, it was "demade" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Streemerz is an 8-bit platformer that features the titular agency Streemerz - the Super Strength Emergency Squad-Zeta. After setting the explosives in the core of the enemy "Master Y"'s base, the Streemerz Agent must make his escape by ascending through the base with his grappling hook, which latches onto surfaces after being projected from the agent at a 45 degree angle. Along the way, he must avoid the forces and hazards of Master Y.

The game was created by game designer Arthur Lee a.k.a. Mr. Podunkian. While the game's deliberate "poorly localized" dialogue and sci-fi military visuals references Capcom's Bionic Commando, the game is explicitly based on the game Streemerz from the NES compilation Action 52 (listed 21st on the in-game list), and came from a game jam project that "remade" the many games in that compilation.

It was later "demade" for the Nintendo Entertainment System console it homages, with adaptation developers Faux Game releasing a ROM file that is compatible with NES emulators. Both the original Flash game and NES ROM are available for free on the developers' respective sites.