Indie Assault

Indie Assault is an ESports geared platform fighting game developed by Imagination Vent.

Official Description

Smash your friends to oblivion in Indie Assault the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita fighting game. Ferocious and ready for battle, our combatants assemble to fight to the end. Players will easily grasp our intuitive controls and a diverse character roster, including characters from popular indie game titles. Our accessible, fast paced, and action-packed fighting game will provide entertainment for competitive and casual players alike.

The game will be going to Steam Greenlight on: January 1, 2015. With an expected PC/ Mac release for mid March 2015, and a paid Beta release onto the PlayStation Network on June 30th, 2015.


Indie Assault started out as Bionic Fighters, and was planned for PlayStation 4, OUYA, and Steam. At some point, instead of the original characters planned for the game, the focus changed to making an all-star roster of indie game characters.

Bionic Fighters' alpha can be found for OUYA here.