Reikai Doushi

An obscure Japanese fighting game predating Street Fighter II, in which an unnamed priest must cleanse the world of numerous ghosts. It is the first game to use digitized sprites (and the first to use the art of claymation) for its characters.


Reikai Doushi: Chinese Exorcist (loosely translated to "Spiritual Guardian: Chinese Exorcist") is a 2D fantasy fighting game developed and released by Home Data for arcades in Japan on September 1988.

Made by a company better known for erotic mahjong arcade games, Reikai Doushi is known for being the first fighting game to use claymation (as well as the first to use digitized sprites in general). Players control an unnamed Taoist priest as he battles numerous wandering ghosts of Chinese folklore.

Unlike most fighting games, the game does not include any player-vs.-player gameplay, with multiplayer limited to alternating between each player "life". Although it is a round-based game, the game uses a life-based system (where player start with two lives and all enemies only have one) and vitality that persists between rounds.