Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

The last game in Activision's Tony Hawk series of skateboarding games, aiming to bring the series back to its "Pro Skater" roots.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a skateboarding game developed by Robomodo (in conjunction with Disruptive Games) and published by Activision for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 29, 2015. It was later ported by Fun Labs for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on December 15, 2015.

The tenth main installment of the Tony Hawk series, Pro Skater 5 aimed to bring the series back to its earlier "Pro Skater" roots by omitting a story-based campaign and certain gameplay mechanics (such as dismounting from the skateboard). Similar to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, players navigate each level in a "Free Skate" fashion and earn experience points and rewards by completing missions scattered throughout. It uses an updated version of the game engine used in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.

Like previous games in the series, Pro Skater 5 includes special guest characters. For this entry, King Graham (from King's Quest) and rapper Lil Wayne are included (with fellow rapper Tyler, the Creator and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles added post-release). Characters from other games are also available as character customization options, including Octodad (from Octodad: Dadliest Catch).

It is the last game in the series to be published by Activision (as their licensing deal expired shortly after release). The game was known for being rushed into completion (likely due to the licensing deal expiration), with the game being mostly unplayable without a large day-one patch. It is also the last game from Robomodo.



  • The Berrics
  • Bonfire Beach
  • School III
  • Mega Park
  • Rooftops
  • The Bunker
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Mountain (added post-release)
  • Wild West (added post-release)
  • The Underground (added post-release)


  • Anti-Flag - "Stars and Stripes"
  • Atmosphere - "Southsiders"
  • Black Pistol Fire - "Hipster Shakes"
  • Bully - "Milkman"
  • Cloud Nothings - "I'm Not Part of Me"
  • Cold Cave - "A Little Death to Laugh"
  • Connie Price and the Keystones - "International Hustler"
  • Crass Mammoth - "All 149"
  • Deaf Poets - "Degenerate Mind"
  • Death - "Keep on Knocking"
  • Death From Above 1979 - "Virgins"
  • Deer Mother - "When the Wolves Come Out"
  • Doomtree - "Minibrute"
  • Fake P - "Rorschach"
  • Family Force 5 - "Raised by Wolves"
  • Four Year Strong - "Go Down in History"
  • Harlan - "Moment to Myself"
  • Hundred Visions - "Our Ritual"
  • Hungry Hands - "Highline"
  • Icons for Hire - "Cynics and Critics"
  • Killer Be Killed - "Wings of Feather and Wax"
  • New Politics - "Everywhere I Go"
  • Plague Vender - "Black Sap Scriptures"
  • Ratatat - "Cream on Chrome"
  • Rattblack - "Skate Rock"
  • Royal Blood - "Little Monster"
  • State Champs - "Secrets"
  • Temples - "Shelter Song"
  • The Orwells - "Who Needs You"
  • The Schitzophonics - "Rat Trap"
  • The Sheds - "Bad Things are Bad"
  • Yogi & Skrillex - "Burial"