Rugby League Live 3

An upcoming video game from Big Ant Studios, makers of Don Bradman Cricket. The game will feature official teams from the NRL, Super league and all accompanying lower leagues.

Career Mode

For the first time in a Rugby League video game you will be able to control a single player and take him through a full career, you will be able to choose from 3 different kinds of career:

  1. Rookie, where you take a newly created player and start him in the reserve grades and build him up to a superstar, or not depending how well you play.
  2. Star Player, Take an existing player and take him through the ranks
  3. Coach, Take control of the whole team on the field and off, including contract offers and bringing up new players from the lower leagues.

Career mode features an experience points system which will allow you to upgrade your players attributes, temporary boosts to attributes will also be available before each game.


Like Don Bradman Cricket 14 the game will feature a robust player creator with full sharing across all platforms, which will allow you to share and download Teams, Players and Referees from the past and present as you wish.

Big Ant Studios released the FanHub on steam as a free demo 10 months before the games release, which allowed the community to get involved in the player creation process. The game's official likenesses where all made using the same in game tools so this allows the developer to actually use community created players as the official likenesses featured in the game.