Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

The definitive version of Virtua Fighter 4 with two new characters, more characters, and the original Virtual Fighter playable.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution is the definitive version of Virtua Fighter 4 as it came out first at arcades and then on the Playstation 2 in August 2003 as a Greatest Hit of 20 bucks. It introduced two new characters with Brad, a kickboxer specialist, and Goh, a specialist of martial arts grappling. Along with a new Quest mode of traveling to various spots of Japan against CPU-controlled VF players, the character customization is beefed up as well. Other than the new characters, all of VF4's cast return with some changes to their move lists. Another bonus feature is the original Virtua Fighter playable on the disc and all characters are playable in their sprites other than the original cast.