Super Ultra Baseball 2

A baseball game from Culture Brain and part of their Ultra Baseball series, known in the US as Baseball Simulator 1.000. Features a mode that contains super-powered athletes.


Super Ultra Baseball 2 is Culture Brain's fourth game in their Ultra Baseball series, directly following 1991's Super Ultra Baseball (known in the US as Super Baseball Simulator 1.000) and 1992's Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban. As with the prior games, the player can select from teams in two standard leagues and one "Ultra" league; the latter league contains players who can perform superpowered feats while pitching, batting or fielding. Most of the athletes are drawn to be comically buff, to play into the superhero angle.

Subsequent games in this series would keep with the Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban ("Real Player Version") brand, using the real-life names of Japanese baseball athletes with the cooperation of the Nippon Professional Baseball association. Super Ultra Baseball 2 is therefore the last in the Ultra Baseball series to use fictional athlete names.