Rogue Wizards

Indie Turn-based dungeon crawler with item progression and town building.


Rogue Wizards is a turn-based dungeon crawler where the loot and environments are randomly generated. In between the dungeons the player returns to the town of Antarit, which is slowly built up over the course of the game.

Story Mode

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The story mode will take players about 10 hours to get through. Starting in the Wayside Inn, the player discovers a magical scroll that transports them into a dungeon. From there, players meet several NPCs and pets that join and fight along side the player, some of which return to town and build structures such as the blacksmith, armorer, or item enchanter.

In normal difficulty, when the player dies they are returned to town, all items and experience are retained, the dungeon is closed, and a new one is generated in its place. In hard difficulty, the player has only one life and death is permanent.

Gauntlet Mode

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Gauntlet mode strings together random dungeon after random dungeon continuously together with no town. Each dungeon gets progressively harder than the last one, and the player has only one life with death being permanent.

NPCs can can still be found and join the player, but only remain with them until the end of the current dungeon. Pets can be randomly found and remain with the player until they die.

Players who do well enough will get their name into the hall of fame, a local leaderboard that uses the character level, gold, and kills to determine a final score for the leaderboard.


  1. Dungeon
  2. Cavern
  3. Cosmic
  4. Elemental Rifts
  5. Magical Plasma Field


  1. Albatross
  2. Tempest
  3. Disturbling
  4. Aberration
  5. Dryad
  6. Mystic
  7. Firebrand
  8. Hellion
  9. Golem
  10. Mudslinger
  11. Gryphon
  12. Guardian
  13. Harpy
  14. Fury
  15. Malevolence
  16. Malignancy
  17. Mimic
  18. Overseer
  19. Dominator
  20. Shadowlord
  21. Skeleton
  22. Skeleton Lord
  23. Thiefling
  24. Greedling
  25. Yeti
  26. Sasquatch


  1. Levente (Ice)
  2. Gaderian (Fire)
  3. Silarda (Earth)
  4. Orvyn (Sky)
  5. Tredan (Nature)
  6. Agoston (Cosmic)
  7. Hosperak