Battle Arena Toshinden

The first 3D fighting game released for the PlayStation, Battle Arena Toshinden introduces both the side-step maneuver and weapon-based combat to the genre.


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Battle Arena Toshinden (known in Japan as Toshinden) is a 3D weapon-based fighting game developed by Tamsoft and published for the Sony PlayStation on January 1, 1995 in Japan (by Takara), on September 9, 1995 in North America (by SCE America as a launch title), and on September 29, 1995 in Europe (by Takara).

Credited as the first polygonal 3D weapon-based fighting game (and the first to incorporate side-stepping), Battle Arena Toshinden pits eight wanderers in an ultimate underground tournament by a mysterious organization.

Along with multiple sequels and a super-deformed spin-off, the game received three ports (one console, one handheld, and one computer) within a year of its North American release. It is one of the few 3D fighting game of the 90s to not start as a dedicated arcade game.


  • The enhanced Sega Saturn version, titled Battle Arena Toshinden Remix, was ported by Takara and published by Sega on November 24, 1995 (in Japan as Toshinden S) and March 27, 1996 (in North America). Along with altered graphics, this version includes a bonus secret boss (the cryptic Cupido) and a story mode.
  • The Game Boy version was ported and published by Takara on March 22, 1996 (in Japan as Nettou Toshinden) and November 1996 (in North America) as part of their Nettou series. Simplified for a 2D plane, this version also includes two additional fighters from the original game's sequel (Uranus and an unarmored Gaia) as bosses.


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The original version of Battle Arena Toshinden has eight playable characters from the start and two bosses (who could be unlocked with specific cheat codes). Each port has their own unique secret character.