Blood & Bacon

A wave based first-person shooter.


Blood and Bacon is a first-person shooter developed by Big Corporation and published by Grunge Games LTD for Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games) and PC.

Game Play

Chaos, carnage, and ridiculous amounts of blood, that is the best way to describe “Blood and Bacon”. The comical amount of pixelated gore will remind gamers of the legendary Rise of the Triad’s GIBs, and even more relatable, Ludicrous Gibs! Goals? Who needs them?

Players are attacked by a never ending deluge of carnivorous swine enemies with evil on their minds. Equipped with a selection of top choice firearms, the goal is to rack up as many pork related kills as possible. Was blood mentioned? Because there is no shortage of the coagulated material in “Blood and Bacon”. So much so it is the only game to have a “Wipe the Blood off your face button” Without using this nifty peace of animation there are times when players may become blinded by the sheer volume of pixelated swine fluid.

While such baseless destruction may occupy players for a surprising amount of time, the real excitement begins when using multiplayer. Players compete against each other in an attempt to achieve the high score of swine murder. Racking up as many kills as possible. Aim? Forget about it! The game has no aiming capabilities, players merely point and hip fire for the duration of the match.