Holodrive is a fast-paced multiplayer arena shooter being developed by BitCake Studio.


Holodrive is a multiplayer 2D Shooter that mixes gameplay elements from Quake and Mario Kart to create a fast-paced and unpredictable arena shooter. Players control and own a robot named Dummy that is fully customizable both in terms of customizations and weapons loadout, these bots have crazy personalities and love exploding each other in the arenas.

During gameplay players pick up weapons and power-ups while platforming through the environment, and need to master the flow of movement using momentum alongside the Jetpack to defeat other players.

The game is being developed by the Brazilian developer BitCake Studio and has been released in Early Access on Steam since March 24th 2016.


Game Modes

Holodrive features 3 Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch - A 5 minutes standard deathmatch game mode. 8 players free-for-all, the player with most kills is awarded MVP of the match.

  • Team Deathmatch - A variation of the standard Deathmatch. In Team Deathmatch 2 teams of 4 players compete for most kills in an 8 minutes long match.

  • Collector’s Mode - An unique mode to Holodrive. In Collector’s mode, 2 teams of 4 player fight to collect energy and store that energy in their vault. Energies spawn each time a player dies, passing players may collect these energies and deliver them to their Vault. There’s also the possibility to attack the opposing team’s vault and steal energy, something that if done properly may tip the match in their favor.


Holodrive’s combat is all around guns and how they can impact the player’s gameplay style. Players have 6 different weapon categories and every category has a basic weapon that can be swapped out. Every gun was designed to have a completely different playstyle from each other and can be changed before entering a match.

  1. Basic Weapon : Every Dummy has this weapon and spawn with it equipped. This is the only category that can’t be swapped out.

  1. Fast Fire Weapons : Weapons that shoot bullets with a fast firing ratio. Weapons in this category include: Plasma Gun, Minigun and the Intimidator

  1. Multi-shot Weapons : Low-rage guns that shot multiple projectiles. Weapons in this category include: Shotgun and Scattergun

  1. Launcher Weapons : These weapons launch non-bullets projectiles, usually in an arc. Weapons in this category include: Grenade Launcher, Shuriken Launcher

  1. Continuous Weapons : Weapons that fire continuous beams with an ultra-high fire rate. Weapons in this category include: Raygun, Flamethrower and the Brave Heart.

  1. Explosive Weapons : Explosive weapons capable of 1 hit killing your oponents, but have ultra-low fire rate and ammo. Weapons in this category include: Bazooka and Phantomzooka.

  1. Precision Weapons : Long-range weapons that can 1 hit kill enemies, usually they have very high risk-reward mechanics. Weapons in this category include: Railgun, Arcane Bow and the Dematerializer.


Holodrive features power-ups inspired by games such as Mario Kart, that can change the tide of battle if used correctly. These power-ups can be picked up while platforming through the arena and can be activated with the press of a button.

  • Double Damage : Every damage you deal is doubled.

  • Disarm : By activating this power-up every player in an area around you loses the ability to fire its weapon for a short duration.

  • Electrify : Shocks every player around you, dealing a fixed amount of damage.

  • Fake Gun : Deploys a fake weapon pickup in the arena. If an enemy picks up the weapon it takes a fixed amount of damage.

  • Force Field : Generates a force field around the player, blocking every damage dealt to him.

  • Ice Prison : A block of ice appears around the player. Players is healed completely and is invulnerable for the duration, but cannot move or attack. The block can be broken at any time by pressing the power-up activation button a second time.

  • Invisibility : The player appears invisible for both allies and enemies. The invisible player also doesn’t appear in the enemy's radar and all heat-seeking bullets such as the Scattergun and Arcane Bow directed at him loses its ability to follow the player.

  • Overclock : During the duration of this power-up the player’s movement is increased, along its jump distance. The player also has infinite jetpack fuel.

  • Second Chance : Teleports the player to a safe location and heals them.

  • Stealer : Steals another player’s power-up. If no one has a power-up it heals the player completely.

  • Uber Weapon : Weapons have enhanced firing ratio and infinite ammo for the duration of the power-up.