Aworg: Hero in the Sky

Sci-fi themed platformer for Sega's MegaNet service


Aworg: Hero in the Sky is a platformer first available on the Sega MegaNet online service, via the Game Toshokan device. It was later available through the Sega CD compilation Game no Kanzume Vol. 2 and its "greatest hits" follow-up Game no Kanzume Otokuyou for Mega Drive.

It features an aerial hero who uses fans to keep himself airborne, and can also use the gusts the fans produce to push enemies around. He also has a charge attack that can damage foes too. The goal of each stage is to navigate around enemies and hazards for a series of keys needed to open the exit portal. The game is heavily momentum- and physics-based, similar to Lunar Lander, and players have to be careful that they don't drift into spikes or enemies whenever they add thrust.