Q Boy

Q Boy is a platformer for NES.


Q Boy (or as the title screen reads, "Q-Boy"), is a platformer game released for the NES by Thin Chen/Sachen. Superficially, it resembles games in the Kirby series due to the character design and powers, but it is significantly different in many ways. Q-Boy has limited ability for his breath/fart, and must wait for the meter to recharge before he can perform any movements of the sort again.

The story concerns the villainous Dr. Mouse stealing an item called the Rainbow-Flower, which Q-Boy attempts to retrieve.

Chen, the main character of Sachen's Jurassic Boy, makes a cameo appearance in the game's ending.


  • By pressing Select while the game is paused, Q-Boy's sprite turns into Mario's, and a few of the enemies become Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Unlike most instances of a shady developer stealing characters, these sprites seem to be original instead of ripped from other games.
  • The game was originally to be titled "Puff Kid". This original title is spelled out in blocks in the final level.