SD Ultra Battle: Ultraman Densetsu

An Ultraman-licensed fighter game from Bandai that is built for and uses their Sufami Turbo peripheral.


SD Ultra Battle: Ultraman Densetsu ("SD Ultra Battle: Ultraman Legend") is a fighter game for the Super Famicom that features super deformed characters from the Ultraman series. Along with series protagonist Ultraman, the game also features two of his most memorable opponents Alien Baltan and the Red King.

The game was a companion product to SD Ultra Battle: Seven Densetsu, and was released the same day. Both carts employ Bandai's officially licensed Nintendo peripheral the Sufami Turbo to link together to share game data, allowing characters from one game to appear and fight characters in the other. Because Ultraman Densetsu was released in the miniature Sufami Turbo cartridge format, it cannot be played without that peripheral. One version of Ultraman Densetsu included the Sufami Turbo peripheral as a pack-in bundle.