Mahjong G-Men: Nichibutsu Mahjong III

A mahjong game for Famicom by Nichibutsu.

Collection including derivatives of two Nichibutsu arcade games: Mahjong G-Men '89 (a 1v1 mahjong game with a mystery investigation theme), and Oh! Paipii (a falling block mahjong puzzle game) -- minus the adult content featured in their respective arcade counterparts.


Mahjong Dojo

Quick play mode. Choose from a selection of eight CPU opponents featured in the story mode.

Puzzle Game: Oh! Paipii

Falling block mahjong puzzle game. Use the d-pad to move the falling tile, and the A button to "rotate" its suit. Rows are cleared by forming complete hands, and earn points according to scoring criteria from riichi mahjong.

Mahjong G-Men

Story mode with two scenarios: "The Murdered Office Lady" and "The Missing Golden Tile." Solve mysteries by winning games of mahjong.