Slap City

Roll up your shirt and jeanshorts, and partake in the greatest death sport. Slap a bestie on their face, so pretty. Welcome to Slap City. Put on your finest speedos, knock some sense into all these weirdos. Crush a Ruby without remorse or pity. Welcome to Slap City.

Slap City is a Platform Fighting game based on the Ludosity universe of games which is currently in Early Access. As a result, the details below are subject to change including additional characters, modes and stages.

The playable characters are currently (Ver 0.8.6 - July 2018):

  1. Ittle Dew
  2. Masked Ruby
  3. Jenny Fox
  4. Ultra Fishbunjin
  5. Princess Remedy
  6. Business Casual Man
  7. Goddess of Explosions

The modes available from the same build include:

  • Arcade Mode - Single Player
  • Smack the Crystals - Single Player, akin to Smash the Targets in the Super Smash Bros games.
  • Battle Mode - Up to 4 players and includes Team, Time, Stock and Friendly Fire options.
  • Slap Ball - In teams of up to 4 players, players compete to score goals but can also increase how many points a goal is worth through landing juggle combos on the ball before it touches the goal... or bash the opponent to prevent them from getting started on their own.
  • Training - Includes options for the damage to reset on landing, frame by frame progression and displaying hitboxes. The latter two are in other modes.
  • Online - This includes the above mentioned Battle Mode and Slap Ball Mode with the option to search and set up lobbies with passwords.
  • Replays - You can view replays from other modes.
  • Controllers - Controls can be remapped in other places as well with GameCube Controller support being included.
  • Library - This documents gameplay
  • Tutorial - A short playable tutorial demonstrating the mechanics as Ittle Dew, this begins when the game is booted.


The game had a brief Alpha available in 2017 which was followed by the game releasing in Early Access on Steam in March 2018 with a Version 0.7 build. This build had 5 playable characters, 13 battle stages, 2 slap ball stages and online support.

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