Gato Roboto

A Metroidvania action-adventure starring a cat in a mech suit.


Gato Roboto is a 2D exploratory platformer featuring a cat who spends most of the time in an armored exosuit. The game has a minimalist look, including its black-and-white visuals (though other palettes can be unlocked). Occasionally, the protagonist must leave the exosuit to explore on-foot as the suit cannot fit through small gaps or across bodies of water.

In the game's story, the space patrolman Gary responds to a distress call from a research station on a distant planet that was supposedly shut down. On the way, his cat Kiki jumps on the ship's console and causes it to crash land. Since Gary is injured, Kiki is volunteered to explore the facility in a series of mech suits and find the source of the distress signal, fixing various systems along the way to appease the station's AI.