Kyuukai Douchuuki

A baseball game from Namco exclusive to the Sega Mega Drive and a parody/spin-off of their underworld platformer Youkai Douchuuki. It features a few unusual settings, like Egypt and a cruise ship.


Kyuukai Douchuuki ("World of Baseball Travelogue") is a baseball sim from Namco and nominally based on their arcade supernatural platformer Youkai Douchuuki ("Spirit Travelogue", known as Shadow Land overseas), on which this game's title is a pun.

It is functionally similar to Namco's long-running Famista series of baseball sims featuring super deformed athletes, but also incorporates some unusual settings for baseball fields as part of its "travelogue" aspect and uses parodies from Nippon Professional Baseball's teams. The game was exclusive to the Japanese Sega Mega Drive