Pyramid Magic III

The third and final game in the Pyramid Magic series of puzzle-platformers that debuted on the Sega MegaNet's Game Toshokan service on Sega Mega Drive.


Pyramid Magic III is a puzzle-platformer in which the goal is to reach the exit of each area of the pyramid by completing a series of steps. The protagonist is able to carry and place blocks, as well as send them flying with a kick, and needs to do this in order to build bridges and pass through narrow gaps. The third game adds an extra wrinkle with the presence of a vase: this vase needs to be taken to the exit in order to move on, but will shatter easily if dropped from any distance.

Pyramid Magic III was the final game in the Pyramid Magic series, all of which were originally available exclusively through the Sega MegaNet and Game Toshokan service. The trilogy was later made available on the Sega CD compilation Game no Kanzume Vol.1.